Obligatory selfie in the Mirror of Erised.

This place is the coolest.


Super excited to start jana´s sleeve.

Ibi Rothe - Owlkikiwood - Leipzig



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The knife is still there but they still won’t admit it.

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Lilac wine by Siréliss on Flickr.

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"friendly reminder" posts annoy me, but here’s one anyway:

The word “problematic” was never meant to be the auto-win card of social justice discussions. Problematic is not a synonym for bad or wrong. Problematic literally means that an issue is complicated, open to debate, and raises important questions about an issue, questions that should be analyzed, discussed, and unpacked.

So when you say something is problematic, don’t just lean back in your chair, pat yourself on the back, and call it a day. Go deeper. Get a discussion going. Analyze that shit. Hear from others and come to some tough conclusions.

Saying “we shouldn’t do X because X is problematic” is as nonsensical as saying “the weather outside is weather.”

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Tattoo done by Isobel Juliet Stevenson.


Tattoo done by Chris Veness.


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Had a gym induction today so I explained all about the Strongman run and what I wanted from it etc.

'So you want to do some strength training then?'

'Yeah! Wonna pick up some heavy stuff and put it back down again.'

'What, like a handbag?'

Then I bench pressed 20kg and that soon shut him up. Now, I don’t know if that counts as hardcore but it’s fun to prove sexist gym instructors wrong.

Also, turns out I’m much fitter than I thought so that’s always nice.

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Thinking of joining the long bob club but I don’t knooowwwww. I think it would look cute but I also have a habit of massively regretting things I do to my hair.  Opinions anyone?

Title: Scar tissue Artist: Red Hot Chili Peppers 9,631 plays

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Corsetteria by La Perla

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Harry Potter locations

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